Sunday, February 1, 2009

Won't I Always Miss My Addiction If I Quit?

I get this question a lot. I quit drinking 21 years ago, quit smoking 8 years ago and I've been at a good, comfortable weight for about 20 years after years of being fat. I don't miss any of my former addictions. But I didn't think that would be the case when I was drinking, smoking or eating candy bars, Twinkies and candy.

Sometimes in life you can't see the other side of a situation until after you make the commitment and do what you need to do---in this case, quit your addiction. In the beginning you probably will miss the addiction you gave up because you're used to the habit of your addiction. I know when I smoked I had certain times of the day when I smoked a cigarette and when the time was approaching I could almost feel like I was getting a nicotine craving. I didn't get them at other times of the day. Looking back, I now know it was a psychological craving because I knew "it was time to smoke."

I also believe that when you quit your addiction you can tell yourself that it will NOT be interfering in your life and you will NOT be beholding to it anymore. The day I quit drinking I was sitting in my room, hungover, and I told myself that starting that day I was giving up alcohol for good. And that included in my mind as well. I "told" myself that if I went out to bars ever again with my friends that I would get a bottled water or juice, not because I couldn't have alcohol, but because I "chose" something other than alcohol. I would never go into a bar again and truly want alcohol, but get juice because I couldn't drink. I made a vow that day to give up alcohol physically AND mentally.

And it worked. I've been to restaurants, bars, parties---I never consider taking a drink because I made the decision 21 years ago. Funny how the mind goes along with what you tell it.


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