Sunday, January 25, 2009

Face It To Erase It

I saw this phrase on the Suze Orman show last night. She was referring to a caller who had admitted out loud she was several thousand dollars in debt. But it reminded me of addiction. Most of the time we live with our addiction and keep all of our thoughts and feelings about it to ourselves. We don't dare share it with others. I say this because it's what I did most of the time when I was addicted to alcohol, food and cigarettes. It was my personal misery and I didn't want to share it with anyone. I'd rather they see the fun, happy and carefree side of me (which was the fake me).

If you face the fact that you have an addiction, I believe that is the first step. But the problem is so many times we say "I don't have an addiction. I could quit tomorrow." But tomorrow doesn't come very often. Be bold--face the fact you have an addiction, then decide to do something about it. Life is short. Living life without your addiction will be---well, you really won't know the sweetness of it until you quit.


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