Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quitting an Addiction Might Be Hard

But you can do it. I was talking with a friend over the weekend about how, I believe, so many people think they can't do something because it's difficult. If they're on a diet and they get hungry and are uncomfortable, that's it. Diet is over. I can't stand being hungry is the excuse and the diet is over.

I remember for myself years ago when I was dieting, if I had started out dieting and had eaten anything at all that wasn't on my "diet" then I'd write "blew it" in my journal and I'd do just that---blow my diet and eat whatever I wanted to for the rest of the day, knowing that tomorrow I'd diet again. What a vicious cycle that was! It was all or nothing. And I was very depressed at that time living like that daily.

Take the time and really think and meditate on the fact that.....even though quitting an addiction is hard, it can be done. Can it really be that simple? I think it can.


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