Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thoughts of an Alcoholic

I was watching another "Intervention" show a few nights ago and since it was recorded on my dvr, I stopped to write down some powerful things when I heard them.

This particular show was about a married couple who both were alcoholics. They both laughed and talked sarcastically a lot. Personally when I see people like this I think they're like that because they're afraid to face reality somehow (but that's just me). They would become sober for a short time---a week or so---and tell everyone they weren't drinking anymore, then go back to drinking, many times after going to an A.A. meeting. The kids knew it too so didn't get too excited when the parents said they weren't drinking anymore.

Benita was the woman's name and it showed her working out at a gym when she "had quit drinking." She was working out real hard and she told the interviewer....."I keep moving so I don't have to think because I know if I think, it's not normal thinking."

The daughter shared "she has the drinking problem because of not thinking. She had a bad childhood and she has to deal with it now."

During the actual intervention they both decided to go to a facility for 3 months (but to separate facilities). We got to see them 3 months later and it was so wonderful to see how vibrant and clear they both looked.

I love that show.....


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