Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Will "Trying" to Quit My Addiction Work?

I say NO it won't. When we try something we leave ourselves very open to the possibility of it not working. If anything comes up such as---it's too difficult (that's a big one!), I'm too stressed to quit now or I don't think I'll be able to quit for good so I just won't try at all.

If you take out the word "try" and replace it with a phrase like "I will quit" or "I have decided to quit" you can see how much more powerful you will feel. You're now coming from a place of conviction. You're not being wimpy and "trying" to quit anymore.

On the day I quit drinking over 21 years ago I said to myself "I am done drinking. I will not go to a bar and get a juice or bottled water but really would rather have a drink. No it's done starting right now--today." That conviction helped me more than you know. It prevented all the times since I quit when I could have been tempted to drink. But I haven't been tempted to drink ever since I quit.

So don't "try" to quit your addiction......."quit!" your addiction.


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