Saturday, December 6, 2008

Changes Happen in Moments

I saw this phrase on an informercial of all things this morning. I have heard this phrase a few times since I quit drinking 21 years ago. If any of you remember Dr. David Viscott, he had a call in radio show years ago. I heard he was going to be giving a talk in Santa Monica and I drove down to see him (about 20 years ago, he has since died). I even got the nerve to get up and ask him a question.

I told him about how I quit drinking one day, and I asked him why it seemed to happen so quickly. I was trying to figure out why I quit drinking so "easily". He too said the words "Change happens in momemts." I never forgot that phrase. It's one of those phrases when you hear you know you've been changed and it got to your soul?

You may be addicted now to alcohol or drugs---or shopping (although I'm not sure I really consider shopping an addiction). You wonder how it will ever end and IF it ever will.

Don't forget....and think about the powerful phrase.....that changes happens in moments...


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