Friday, December 12, 2008

A Few Reasons to Quit Your Addiction

1) You'll just feel better overall---mentally and physically. I remember thinking about quitting smoking for years. Actually, it was difficult for me to truly contemplate quitting smoking because it scared me so much. How would I live without my cigarettes? I never thought I'd quit altogether. But I feel so good becuase I don't have breathing problems anymore and I know that I did something, well, HUGE!

2) You'll absolutely save money. I know that some people lose everything to support their addiction but for some people, especially in these times, it's important to save money. I wouldn't let money be the only criterion for quitting your addiction because when money is plentiful again you may go back. Just my thought on that.

3) Don't forget that we only live one time on this planet. You may have been run by your addiction for years. Sometimes when I have a decision to make I think of the words (Linda, you only live once) and it's much easier for me to make the right decision.


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