Saturday, December 27, 2008

Don't Give Into Your Addiction Just Because "You Want It"

Every day you may have the desire to start using drugs again, start drinking, start eating crap---but those are only thoughts you have. You don't have to give into them. It seems like these days if we have a feeling or thought we think we have to give into that feeling. We don't. And if you don't give in to the thoughts that your mind is telling you (and most are lies anyway) you will come out a stronger person for it too.

I'll share with you my story about this topic regarding food. When I was really addicted to food, starting when I was 12 years old, I used to eat non-stop on many days. Then when I learned how to "diet" I would either wake up and "diet" all day or eat whatever I wanted to all day. There was never a happy medium because my mind told me diet or eat. Did it work? No. In fact I gained 90 pounds in 4 years. If I only had realized then that I didn't have to eat just because I had the thoughts to eat I may not have been so out of control. And being out of control is a horrible place to be in. I remember how terrible I felt truly believing that I had no control.

Looking back today, I sure did have control over my life. But nobody told me I did. I probably wouldn't have believed anyone anyway at the time, being so young. But having gone through it I can share my experiences with you and tell you that you do NOT have to give into your thoughts telling you that you have to go back to your addictions.

Isn't that a great thought? Maybe you didn't know that. Sounds simple but maybe you need to watch your thought process more to see how when your thoughts tell you to drink, eat, smoke---whatever---you can firmly and calmly say No! Those are just thoughts. I have control. Then after awhile those thoughts fade because they don't have power in your life.

Try it.....and let me know how you're doing.....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thoughts of an Alcoholic

I was watching another "Intervention" show a few nights ago and since it was recorded on my dvr, I stopped to write down some powerful things when I heard them.

This particular show was about a married couple who both were alcoholics. They both laughed and talked sarcastically a lot. Personally when I see people like this I think they're like that because they're afraid to face reality somehow (but that's just me). They would become sober for a short time---a week or so---and tell everyone they weren't drinking anymore, then go back to drinking, many times after going to an A.A. meeting. The kids knew it too so didn't get too excited when the parents said they weren't drinking anymore.

Benita was the woman's name and it showed her working out at a gym when she "had quit drinking." She was working out real hard and she told the interviewer....."I keep moving so I don't have to think because I know if I think, it's not normal thinking."

The daughter shared "she has the drinking problem because of not thinking. She had a bad childhood and she has to deal with it now."

During the actual intervention they both decided to go to a facility for 3 months (but to separate facilities). We got to see them 3 months later and it was so wonderful to see how vibrant and clear they both looked.

I love that show.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Few Reasons to Quit Your Addiction

1) You'll just feel better overall---mentally and physically. I remember thinking about quitting smoking for years. Actually, it was difficult for me to truly contemplate quitting smoking because it scared me so much. How would I live without my cigarettes? I never thought I'd quit altogether. But I feel so good becuase I don't have breathing problems anymore and I know that I did something, well, HUGE!

2) You'll absolutely save money. I know that some people lose everything to support their addiction but for some people, especially in these times, it's important to save money. I wouldn't let money be the only criterion for quitting your addiction because when money is plentiful again you may go back. Just my thought on that.

3) Don't forget that we only live one time on this planet. You may have been run by your addiction for years. Sometimes when I have a decision to make I think of the words (Linda, you only live once) and it's much easier for me to make the right decision.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Changes Happen in Moments

I saw this phrase on an informercial of all things this morning. I have heard this phrase a few times since I quit drinking 21 years ago. If any of you remember Dr. David Viscott, he had a call in radio show years ago. I heard he was going to be giving a talk in Santa Monica and I drove down to see him (about 20 years ago, he has since died). I even got the nerve to get up and ask him a question.

I told him about how I quit drinking one day, and I asked him why it seemed to happen so quickly. I was trying to figure out why I quit drinking so "easily". He too said the words "Change happens in momemts." I never forgot that phrase. It's one of those phrases when you hear you know you've been changed and it got to your soul?

You may be addicted now to alcohol or drugs---or shopping (although I'm not sure I really consider shopping an addiction). You wonder how it will ever end and IF it ever will.

Don't forget....and think about the powerful phrase.....that changes happens in moments...