Sunday, February 21, 2010

Habits and Addiction

I was driving back from the gym today after having done a few errands afterwards.  I got to thinking how "un-fun" working out and doing errands really is.  I'd rather putter around at home where it's warm, than be out in the cold (although the weather was in the 50's).

But.....I almost always work out on Sunday mornings.  And I usually do some errands after I work out.  It's a habit, so I don't have to think about it anymore.  If I started I really need to work out today?  Or if I think that I have so much to do that I don't have time to work out......I could get used to not working out.

So I don't ask myself what I feel like.  Who cares about what I "feel" like.  I know that I always feel better after I work out, my clothes fit better, I'm healthier. 

And the good thing about habits---think about this---once you establish a habit, you don't have to do the back and forth thinking about it.  The decision has been made!  It makes life easier for you.  You don't have all that mental anguish thinking of all of the reasons why you should put off quitting your addiction, working out---whatever.

Habits are great!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

The thing about being addicted to drugs, alcohol or binge eating is that it’s not very romantic to anyone else who has any sense in their head. Addicts don’t get many Valentine’s Day cards. If you’re trying to quit, or already have quit, don’t wallow in lost love or all those stupid things that have been done and can’t be undone, even though they make you feel alone this time of year. This year, be your own Valentine.

Plan something that will make you happy on Valentine’s Day. Go see a movie, visit a good friend or sympathetic relative. Splurge a little on a gift or a special meal.
Spend the exact amount of money you would have spent on a drink, a pack of cigarettes or a super-size box of Oreo cookies. Put a red bow on your little splurge. Write a note in red ink that says, Happy Valentine’s Day to Me, sign it, seal it up in an envelope and open it on Valentine’s Day. (I know it may sound corny, but it won't if you do it!)

Studies show that people stress over holidays because of the money involved or because it puts them in situations they can’t control -- like being forced to spend time with negative people. Don’t do it. Don’t spend money if you don’t have it. Don’t make any plans involving people who are negative, or who will indulge in those same addictions you don’t want to be anywhere around. Don’t get stressed.

Happy Valentine's Day....