Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Book Was On Dr. Laura's Book Giveaway

I was ecstatic to learn last week that my book "I Quit!" would be featured on Dr. Laura's Book Giveaway. I was delighted a few years ago when she endorsed my book too.

I thought I'd listen to the segment at work with my co-workers, but decided to go home to listen by myself, and to tape it. I knew exactly what time it would be on, since I'm a regular listener to the show.

I put the tape in, and pressed "record" @ 4:05 pm. Dr. Laura first read a few pages of my book---the chapter where I told my dad and his wife that I was going to kill myself because I was upset with them over a money issue. Then she talked a little about my book.

That morning I looked at a picture of my dad (who died 3 years ago) and said "Dad, I hope you can hear Dr. Laura today because you had so much to do with me getting to this place." I thought it was a bit "interesting" that she read that part of the book, mentioning my father. Coincidence? Who knows?

But it sure was cool to hear Dr. Laura talking about my book. I'm so grateful to her.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Was a Guest on An Internet Radio Show

I was on Blogtalkradio a few days ago and the host was Jackie Foreman. She was fun, had a great personality and was a darn good interviewer.

She asked me questions about my book "I Quit!" One of the questions someone had emailed in was that this person ate a huge ice cream treat every day and how could I help this person.

The first thing I said was "there's no magic here." Then I went on to say that if it were me, I'd tell myself only 1/2 of the treat today---and all week. I would need to prove to myself that when I tell myself what I'm going to eat, I mean it.

Then I would know I could count on myself. The next week I would maybe eat 1/4 of the treat, then give it up. If the goal is to lose weight, then the ice cream probably has to go for now.

Another question was about excercise and how important I thought exercise was to losing weight. My answer was that it's important but in my personal opinion it's more important what you eat. Exercise helps a bit to lose weight, but the food is more important. What exercise does is it makes you feel better and you feel happier in your life.

That was one of the most fun interviews I've had.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Fat Man's Words

I was watching something on tv---a show about addictions.

The fat man was asked to really think deeply about why he is heavy and share the reasons:

1) Uses food to treat everything. Food is his friend.

2) Always thinking "what are people thinking about me. I don't deserve to eat."

3) When I eat each bite, I block out all thoughts---all I think of is the next bite.

4) It feels bad afterwards, but when eating the food, it just feels great.

He then broke down and cried. Saying the words got to him because he never spoke those words. He felt he could start losing weight now.

I looked in his eyes and agreed that he probably will tackle his problem now. Sometimes getting those deep, dark thoughts we have out in the open---thoughts we may not even be aware of---opens the door to begin facing reality and dealing with what needs to be dealt with.