Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why Can't You Just Quit Your Addiction?

Blunt enough? Well, my blog is titled "Blunt Talk About Addictions."

I know I will get flack from people reading this. For some people---many people---it may not be easy enough to quit their addiction, but we only live once on this earth I hear and time is being wasted.

If you're reading this and you say you want to quit your addiction, and you've tried several times and "it doesn't work" think about the fact that you've "tried" many times. Trying leaves room for failure. You try once, consider that it didn't work and you can say..."hey, I tried."

Stop playing that game and get real with your life. When you get rid of your addiction, that stress is forever lifted. You feel lighter. You know you did something huge for yourself and you'll never forget that.

Think---this is my one life. Drop the addiction. Can it be that easy? Why not?


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