Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

I was talking to someone the other day about their struggle with losing weight. She told me that every day she gets up she intends to eat a certain way, but when she goes to work there are donuts and she "has" to have one. If there is candy on someone's desk, she has to take a small handful. It's just too difficult for her to pass that bowl.....or donut.

Good intentions are wonderful but look at the reality of the situation. You are in charge of whether of not you take the donut or candy. It seems so many times that people don't take any responsibility for eating the crap. But it IS your responsibility.

I remember doing these things too. It was almost as if I had the diet plan in place, then I hoped something wouldn't sabatage my day---like someone offering me cookies---because if they did, it wasn't my fault and I would eat them.

Responsibility! That's the key to quitting your addiction. And the thing is, when you take responsibility and pass the donut, candy, cookies---whatever, you will become stronger and your goal is within reach. You are running your own show!

Good intentions are not enough.


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