Sunday, May 31, 2009

Candy Won’t Fix Your Bank Account

The recent headline in the New York Times was: “When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls.” When the economy goes down, candy sales go up, the newspaper reported. “Sugar is comforting,” one candy buyer told the newspaper.

Candy sales are up 30 percent for Cadbury and more than 10 percent for Nestle's. That’s great news if you’re a candy company, but just another lousy excuse to overeat if you’re a food junkie.

I was addicted to overeating and weighed in at more than 200 pounds. Was a recession my excuse? I didn’t need an excuse. I ate when I was broke, when I had money in the bank, when I was sad and when I was happy.

Candy? I loved the stuff. But here’s what happened. I made the decision that I wanted to lose weight. If you think you’re addicted to overeating, your mirror is your proof.

I threw away the candy with the candy bar wrappers and stopped eating a lot of other unhealthy foods, too. Now I’m no longer fat, and I love it. I’m not afraid of looking in mirrors, and I don’t think up dumb excuses to start overeating again. I quit. You can, too.

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