Sunday, June 21, 2009

What? You're Not Motivated?

I was listening to Dr. Laura recently. A caller called into the show stating that she was fat (the caller). She didn't like it and she knew how to eat and she had the gym membership but didn't go to the gym. She called in to ask Dr. Laura how to get motivated so she'd want to eath healthy foods and go to the gym.

Dr. Laura told her story to the caller---she gets up early in the morning to work out and isn't necessarily motivated at 5:00 am---in fact, she said she WASN'T motivated ast that time, but she gets up and does it anyway. Why? Because then she's done with it for the day. I hear Dr. Laura talk about working out a lot and the reasons why she works out. She is thin and wants to stay that way. She's strong but it's taken awhile to get there. It's her working out for years that has made her strong today. She also talks about being able to eat the things she wants---even deserts---but she just has a small portion.

For me, I've been working out since I quit drinking, almost 22 years ago. I have to say that I was very motivated in the beginning because I was so pleased to not be a drinker anymore. But as the months, then years passed I wasn't as motivated anymore. But I continued working out because I feel good afterwards. It's not fun to do but I reap the rewards usually later.

So forget being motivated all the time. Do it anyway! You WILL be glad you did.


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