Sunday, July 5, 2009

22 Years Ago I Quit Drinking

This past Friday, July 3, was my 22nd year of quitting drinking. It's also my real birthday, so every year I have 2 birthdays.

I don't think much about my past drinking. I'm just so grateful that I gave it up when I did. I went on to finish college and got a B.S. in Management, I lost the rest of the weight I wanted to lose and I have my connection back with God. That was what I missed the most when I drank for those 12 years---the closeness with God that I put on the back burner during my "drinking years."

Life is still full of challenges---daily. But I never think of drinking again. That would only ADD to my problems. It's a wonderful thing, too, that when you give up a habit you've had for awhile, you realize as the days go on that you're thinking less and less about the addiction you may have once thought you'd NEVER forget. But it does lessen daily. You need to remember that.

I was also addicted to cigarettes and junk food, but those too are long gone---the thoughts about them.

So I hope someone can get help from this post today, especially if you're struggling to quit an addiction. You won't always think about it forever like you think now. You won't. It will fade as you fill your life with other things and distractions.


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