Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You Smokers Can't Escape the Stench

The thing about smokers is that they stink up other people’s clothes, offices, furniture, cars and lives long after they put out that cigarette. The awful smell can be there long after you leave the building or even move to another city.

If you’re a smoker, have you ever been surprised after chewing breath mints and spraying a room (or your clothes and hair) with air fresheners when non-smokers still complain?

I’m a former smoker, and I never knew how bad I smelled until I quit and got some of my sense of smell back. Then it was my turn to be disgusted at myself.

Here’s why breath mints, smoking outside or spraying everything with air fresheners will never cover up the fact that you just can’t hide the stench.

If you’re a smoker, you can’t smell what is making others want to retch. Here’s why.

A recent study on the link between smoking and the loss of smell found that current and even former smokers found it difficult to smell butanol. That’s a substance used in odor testing because of its distinct and overwhelming smell. No wonder you can’t smell the stench you leave behind.

If you want more proof, just go to the Internet, and type “smoking smells” or “getting rid of smoke smell” in a search engine.

You’ll see loads of articles from non-smokers asking how to get rid of the smell of smoke from furniture smokers once owned, or cars they once owned, or clothes they once owned.

The smoker’s not around, but the smell still is. In some cases, the advice is just to throw out the smelly item because it’s so hard to get rid of that stench.

So, you might as well toss out those breath mints and air fresheners. You might fool yourself, but you’re not fooling anyone else.

Stop fooling yourself. Quit. I did. You can, too!


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