Sunday, May 10, 2009

What It Means to Be Done With Addiction

Santa Barbara is going through a horrific fire right now, although it appears at this time things are getting better. The fire has burned approximately 80 homes. It was over 5 miles long. I was evacuated for 2 days. I never went through that before. I was outside talking with my neighbors around 9:30 on Thursday night and the police with their bullhorn went through telling everyone to get out immediately. I went to my mother's house, but she was in a fire warning area so we could have been evacuated from her house as well.

I didn't think about it until this morning, but years ago (when I was drinking) the fire would have given me one of the BEST reasons to drink. No one could say anything to me because I "had a reason to drink."

But I'm so far past drinking now, knowing I'll never drink again because I really don't want to, so I never even entertained those old thoughts.

I had a boyfriend at the time I quit drinking and he said "once you quit drinking, you quit no matter what."

He was right.


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