Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Saw Another "Intervention" Show Last Night

I tape the show every so often to remind myself about the struggle of addiction. I certainly had an alcohol addiction for 12 years and my life revolved around it.

On this particular episode, it was about a woman Donna who was married and had 3 children. She didn't drink much until a few years after the last child was born, then she became an acoholic very quickly it seemed. We, the viewers, didn't get to see Donna without being drunk until the very end.

She would fall down, curse, say "I want to die" and swear constantly. The ex-husband said to her "you're going to die if you don't quit drinking." Her kids said the same thing. Her middle boy cried a lot when speaking of his mother. While watching this I was thinking how that bottle takes over a person many times, and they're caught in a world that they think they can't get out of.

The intervention took place. Donna was very upset that she was entrapped. She said she wouldn't go to rehab (she was drunk). Then when her middle boy spoke (after several other family members), something changed in Donna. She became open when she saw her boy cry and she said, yes, she would go to rehab.

She did, and if you watch the show you know that they will come back to the person and the rahab place a few months later. When they did, Donna looked like a new woman. She looked happy, she was doing her artwork, she had makeup on---that's my favorite part of the show.

Who knows if Donna will forever be off alcohol, but she's on the right road. Her kids were important to her and she was willing to give up the alcohol to be able to see her kids and have a life.


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