Friday, September 12, 2008

Support After You Quit Your Addiction

When I quit drinking I only told my boyfriend, mom, sister and my best friend. This was something so huge for me---quitting drinking---that I didn't want anyone's thoughts, comments or praise. I just kept it to myself for several months.

From day 1 I had support from those whom I told. They really never said much, but I think they were just all amazed that I was quitting for good. I asked my family and friends years later if they believed me when I said I was quitting drinking in 1987. Every single one of them said they knew that this time was different---they all knew I was going to quit for good. They were all very happy too! A huge weight lifted from friends and family. Linda is not longer drinking!

Support is important when you're dealing with quitting addictions. But even if you don't seem to have that much support, it's still important to quit for yourself. I know how nice it is for people to be saying nice things about the fact that you're not smoking, drinking---whatever the addiction is---but you still can give yourself support if others don't. Give yourself the old "attaboy" or "attagirl!"


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