Saturday, August 30, 2008

Television Show "The Cleaner"

I love "The Cleaner" on A&E. It stars Benjamin Bratt and the premise is this man (Bratt) devotes his life to saving people suffering from addictions. He made a promise to God when he was using....that if He saved him, he'd help others with getting over their addictions.

The last one I watched was about a man who was addicted to meth. He promised his son who was in and out of foster care that he was clean and that he was saving money for the 2 of them to move in together. The boy was happy and looking forward to it.

Life got too tough it seems for this man---he couldn't borrow money to be able to get a place for him and his kid---so he went back to the meth. His son was going by to see his dad and that's when he saw him smoking the meth. The son left, crying and came back later when the father was working.

The boy went up to his father and said "What's it like to get high? What is so good about it?"

The father said "It's poison. It's killing me 45 seconds at a time. I know that I still can't stop it. I know what it's doing and I still can't help think what it's gonna be like the next time I smoke and that feeling is the most consuming thing in my world right now.

This was so indicative of what addicts think and feel. Desperate,


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