Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Saw Another Intervention Show

This guy Derek was an alcoholic and his family brought him alcohol when he asked for it. His mother said "we're all puppets and we do whatever he asks us to do because we're afraid he'll kill himself."

Derek said he drank so he wouldn't have to think. He had a girlfriend of many years and she told him they would either marry or she would leave because she wanted a family. They married, Derek started drinking more and she left, met someone and had a child. Derek cried over this and said that's another reason why he drank.

"I'm empty," he said. I thought how true that statement seems to resonate with addicted people. They try to fill up that hole with unhealthy addictions for example. never works, does it? He also said he felt ugly growing up and being rejected by his girlfriend sent him over the top.

We can have reason after reason to drink or eat or whatever addiction but doesn't the problem still remain? Now you've got the problem AND the addiction.


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