Sunday, July 13, 2008

What the Problem Drinker Does

I was talking to a friend this morning who was telling me about her husband who is an alcoholic. The last time we talked she said that he drank several times a week. Today she said he now drinks every day. She goes to Al Anon and enjoys it---gets a lot out of listening to others tell their stories.

Today she shared with me how disgusted she feels when she's in his presence. He starts coughing or mumbles something and she just cringes. She only feels peace when he's out of the house. They've been married for 29 years, they live in a nice home and she doesn't know what the next step might be. I told her I understood because I'd been through that too. I had quit drinking then I moved in with my boyfriend who drank a lot and I lost all respect for him. I thought I could live in the apartment with him and be at peace as long as I didn't talk to Mark or have any communication with him.

But it didn't work. The energy of the drinker is still in the house. You feel it. You can't pretend he isn't there. You can try but it won't work for long.

I didn't have any answer for my friend.....


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