Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Watched "Intervention" on Tv.....

I was watching Intervention a few nights ago. It was focusing on a young woman Jill who was 22 years old and was an alcoholic. Her parents had divorced years before and she had several brothers and sisters. They lived in UTAH and were an LDS family.

At one point in the show Jill said she just wanted to kill herself. She drank almost every day and could drink several drinks in an hour. It had lots of footage of her drunk. I've never seen the show but I guess the cameras follow the subjects of the particular show almost everywhere.

The mother had a big problem in saying "I love you." Even when the intervention counselor was meeting with the family before the actual intervention and told the mother it was important to tell her daughter "I love you", she said she couldn't do it. I thought how sad that the mother KNEW saying those 3 words could possibly make the difference in her daughter getting off alcohol....and she STILL couldn't say the words.

The intervention happened...everyone went around the room telling how much they cared for Jill and what her drinking was doing to them and the family..all asking her to go to get help (help at a 3 month clinic was offered to her). Jill was crying as well as all the family members (oh, and so was I)..

Jill decided to go to the recovery house for 3 months. 2 months later it showed mom going to visit Jill after not having seen her in 2 months. When Jill came out she hugged her mom and they sat down and talked for a moment. It was amazing for me to see the difference in Jill---she was aware, clear and full of life. When she was drinking she was falling down drunk, looked sickly and so unhappy.

The update about Jill months later......she slipped once but got right back on the wagon.


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