Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Was Watching Oprah Yesterday...

and Oprah and her friend and diet doctor "Dr. Bob" went to Mississippi. Apparently, there are more fat people in that state than any other in this country. There was a segment where Oprah sat in a room with 5 fat people, 2 extemely obese. Oprah asked the woman who weighed over 500 pounds "do you know how you got to be this heavy?"

She said of course she did. She took care of everyone else before herself. She decided from now on she has to take care of herself first. She said it again in a different way.....something to the extent of "I will be taking care of ME now."

I admire her that she wanted to lose weight...she said it was for her kids so that they wouldn't have a fat mother. Great! But I just wonder if she's on this weight loss journey and focusing in on herself day in and day out....will she get the results she wants. I agree it's important to decide to lose weight as in the example of this woman. But I don't agree that you need to think about yourself all the time. I think it's more useful to get your mind OFF yourself and concentrate on worthwhile things.

Then there was a man whose top weight was 770 pounds. He said he ate about 10,000 calories a day in the past. Now he was eating moderately and exercising 5 times a week at the gym. Good for him. He's lost 150 pounds so far. He knew people were staring at him in public and at the gym but he had a goal.

I was very inspired by his story.


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