Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Life of Clarity....and Coffee

I'm addicted to coffee. When I gave up cigarettes 7.5 years ago I "rewarded" myself with having some coffee in the afternoon. I always have coffee first thing in the morning but now I was drinking coffee twice a day. I told myself this would just be until I knew I wouldn't be smoking anymore.

Well, I still drink coffee twice a day and I love it. I hear it staves off Alzheimer's. I doubt I'll ever give it up. I like it. It's healthy I believe. It's natural. Yes, I drink too much. But I'm OK with that.

I think about the days when I drank heavily and I wasn't thinking clearly for long periods of time. My judgments were off and I made bad decisions.....my mind was fuzzy a lot from the alcohol. When I quit drinking it took several months for me to be able to think straight. I couldn't concentrate. It was strange. I wasn't expecting that because I was only 31 years old and I wondered why I wasn't thinking clearly immediately after quitting drinking. But I was abusing my body and mind for 12 years and it took time to heal.

But now I live with clarity. I can face life even when it gets tough..and it DOES get tough! When life gets tough I can look forward to my coffee.....


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