Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Know Why It's So Hard to Quit an Addiction

The answer is easy really. BECAUSE IT'S HARD! Oh, I know there are other issues involved but I really believe that the main reason is because it's difficult. Most people don't want to tackle things these days if there might be too much effort involved. But if we don't do the things that are hard where does that leave us? Just to do the easy things?

Is it because we live in a quick-fix society now? It used to not be that way. We used to have to work for things we wanted. I don't really ever want to DO the difficult things but I want the reward of doing the hard thing so I do it. Then after I achieve the thing I want I usually don't remember much about all the effort it took to get to the end. At least it's not an issue anymore because I'm focused on the outcome---the reward.

Something to think about.....


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