Sunday, June 22, 2008

My First Radio Interview about My Book

Last night I was on Esme Murphy's radio show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've never done a live radio show before. It started @ 8:05 California time and only lasted until 8:30 pm which was long enough since it was just baking in my home. At 8:00 pm it was 90 degrees! And I had to turn all the fans off so there wouldn't be any background noise.

I was asked by Esme Murphy questions about my addictions and how I quit each addiction. When I told her about quitting drinking and what happened the night before leading up to how I ultimately quit drinking forever, she commented "you had an epiphany it sounds like." Yes, that is what it was I believe. Being a spiritual woman for so many years I have come to know that when you bring God into situations anything can happen. This is a good thing but it can make things difficult to explain, because these types of situations can't be placed in a box like so many others. But that makes life interesting too.

I got a phone call from my editor Gail a few minutes after the interview was over and she said she heard the interview and that I did a good job. She has some tips to go over with me before my next interview.

I'm so glad I got the chance to do the interview. When I was on hold waiting for Esme Murphy I realized my heart wasn't going fast and I wasn't nervous. I don't know if that's good or bad. Just an observation.


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