Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Went to the Book Expo a Few Weeks Ago

I was signing galleys of my book which will be out in September. It was my first time attending a book expo and I had a great time. I spoke to a lot of people who wanted one of my galleys. Before I starting signing the galleys I was sure alcohol would be the addiction that most people would be having the most problem with. I was wrong. Candy bars and junk food were the biggest problems, followed by smoking. I think only one man said he had an alcohol problem.

I was so amazed how open people were with me, discussing their addictions. Later in the day I was speaking with a beautiful woman, around 30 years old, who told me in her family they didn't discuss the familys' alcohol problems (and apparently many people in her extended family were alcoholics) because it caused too many problems. She said she was taught "we don't talk about these things." She asked me what she should do.

I told her if that were my situation I would continue bringing the issue up every so often. But that's me. I don't like to live a lie and ignoring the problem doesn't solve it.


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