Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just An Observation

I went to lunch with my mother yesterday like I always do on Saturday afternoons. We started this ritual after her husband died 5 years ago. She said she really enjoys it, and it's good to catch up on things with mom.

Yesterday I noticed a couple I recognized from high school years ago, sitting at the next table. I didn't know them, but I new they'd been married for about 25 years. The man was tall and thin, and his wife was I would guess, 75 pounds overweight. I remembered her in high school---thin, popular, outgoing---and now she was fat. She still had a pretty face.

I just observed them, wondering what the woman, now heavy, was probably thinking on a regular basis. I would guess thoughts like "why can't I be thin like I used to be" or "will I always be fat?" Or maybe she wasn't thinking any of those questions. Maybe she's come to terms with being fat.

Just an observation while I was having lunch.


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