Sunday, September 20, 2009

Does God Play a Part in Quitting Your Addiction?

I was sort of taunted by something I'd written---I wrote that I believed God was instrumental in my quitting my 3 addictions. I wrote that I will believe until the day I die that I didn't do something that HUGE by myself.

Well someone wrote saying that so many "spiritual people" say that the only way to quit their addictions is with God. And what about the people (like himself) who don't believe in God?

I wrote back saying that my story is that I quit 3 addictions and I believe very strongly that God's hand was in it. I was a very weak woman when I was drinking for those 12 years. On the morning I quit drinking forever I was hungover and couldn't think straight, yet that was a morning I'll never forget---many insights came to me in my condition that day and I'll never forget them.

And with my weight: Calling out to God when I was 16 saying if there was a God I needed His help because I couldn't stop eating. I never ate uncontrollably since that night.

I told the man who wrote me that I was just sharing my story with him and that it wouldn't be HIS story. We'll all have our own unique stories to tell as to how we quit our addictions.

And I had my own unique one......and I love my story....


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