Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Love Being Straight

I just spoke with my friend. She and her husband are going through difficult times and are separated. They had their last therapy session yesterday and it looks like---for now anyway---that they will continue staying apart.

My friend called me up crying which is highly unusual. The day just took a toll on her. After we hung up she had 2 glasses of wine and a vicadin. We talked today...she called up her husband and just didn't care what she said to him. She said things she couldn't say, or wouldn't say when she's straight. She even called someone she briefly dated several months ago and spoke for an hour.

I remember doing these sorts of things when I drank. It WAS easier to pick up the phone and tell someone what was truly on my mind when I was drinking. It DID make me bolder.

Boy, am I glad I'm straight all the time now......


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