Sunday, September 13, 2009

Will You Give Up Your Addiction?

I was listening to a radio show (Dr. Laura) and a woman called in saying she was 50 years old and didn't take good care of herself, although she'd quit drinking 15 years ago. She said she still smoked a lot and had some weight to lose, but it was too difficult to stop her addictions. She could do it for awhile, then "she couldn't."

Dr. Laura said that she would have to decide to want the healthy body over her addictions. The woman said that she did. Dr. Laura immediately came back at her with the truth---"No, you don't. You want the immediate satisfaction a cigarette gives you, rather than the long term effects of quitting your addictions."

Dr. Laura suggested she put a picture of herself when she was healthy out where she could see it all the time. She also suggested to this woman that she speaks out loud what her intentions are because we are easily manipulated when we just think about what we want to do.

But if we say it out loud.......I DON'T WANT THAT CIGARETTE! I WANT TO BE HEALTHY AND WILL HAVE AN APPLE INSTEAD." Then go get an apple. Do this many times and it will be easier to not give into your addiction.

I love this idea and think it will help a lot....


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