Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Watched that "Intervention" TV Show

The guy Chad was now a crack cocaine user and alcoholic. He was talking about how it hurt him when his parents divorced and it hurt just as much when he was kicked off a bicycle racing team. He turned to drugs and alcohol.

His sister was talking and said that all Chad had to look forward to every day was getting high. I thought about that. I guess I used to think that way when I drank almost every day. Drinking was my high point, figuratively and literally.

It was great to watch the actual intervention. Chad was very willful and said he would NOT go to a drug treatment facility. His parents told him if he didn't they would stop all contact with him. He got up and left, giving all of them "the finger" as he told them "no" he wouldn't go to treatment. He was off to go back living in the streets where he had lived for a few years.

The interventionist found him the next day and said he had one last chance to say yes to treatment. Chad said yes and went out of state to a facility.

The part that I couldn't wait to see was the 3 months later---the family went to see Chad. I got emotional right along with the family seeing Chad. He had cut his hair, had nice clothes on and looked to clear and alive. Later they all sat down and Chad had written something he wanted to read to his parents to start making amends. When he started reading he said he was so sorry for what he'd put the parents through and he loved them so much. He broke down while reading it. Very emotional.

His real feelings came out when he was straight. Beautiful to see.


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