Monday, May 26, 2008

Spirituality and Addictions

When I used to drink years ago I remember something I told myself. I knew I wanted to be closer to God or spirituality but I wanted to drink too. So, I decided to put God on the back burner until I decided how my drinking was going to go.

Alcohol doesn't allow for thoughts to be rational. I could have saved myself a lot of misery by opening up to the idea of giving up alcohol, but on no! Not so fast! That was where my courage and confidence came from. Alcohol helped me through the fears too. No, God would have to wait for awhile.

But the day I quit drinking I saw how important it was that I then have God somehow in my life. I was new to it all so I didn't know what to pray for or what to expect, but I was always told to be open to God. So I was.

Someone gave an analogy about the existence of God recently. Someone had told this person he didn't believe in God. So this person told the "unbeliever" that he had bought a laptop. For the longest time he didn't know it had a camera in it. Then he found out that the laptop DID have a camera. Now just because he didn't KNOW it had a camera in it, didn't mean there wasn't one.

I'll never forget that story........

Linda Joy Allan


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