Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Someone Died from a Drunk Driver

I read the local paper a few weeks ago. A young woman, 22, was drunk and hit a wife and mother, 53 years old. She worked locally and was liked by many. Those kinds of stories bother me for days. I can't get the thought out of my mind that the kids don't have a mother anymore, the husband lost his wife and best friend probably and all the friends and family have to suffer for a long time. All because someone got drunk and got in the car and drove.

It's too weird to think about really. How can this happen? It's not fair. No, it's not. This woman who drove drunk and killed will probably never be the same. How can she ever forget she killed someone because she was irresponsible. Will she be remorseful and stop drinking? Or will she do what so many do when they have problems......drink, take drugs---escape somehow.

Sad situation all around....

Linda Joy Allan


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