Friday, October 3, 2008

Ya Gotta Have Moxie!

When you decide to give up your addiction you really have to have moxie I believe. You have to be determined, be courageous and be prepared to face the demons that come up. And they will come up. Your thoughts will try to sabatoge you constantly, especially in the beginning of your road to be free of your addiction. Expect it, know it and it will be easier.

I always say that when I quit drinking 21 years ago I never wanted to drink again. That's true, but the thoughts came in the beginning for sure. "What about just going out once and drinking since you've quit for 6 months" or "We know you can do it. You can start over again because you know you can do it." Yes, these thoughts came to me. I recognized them, identified them, had a good chuckle and I didn't drink.

Have moxie....and isn't it a cool word too...moxie? Love it!


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