Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Cat Taught Me Something about Addiction

I've had Maggie for 7 years. When I got her she had just given birth to 3 kittens. She was thin---so thin I fed her extra food to help her gain weight. I didn't have a scale then and when I took her to the vet's a year later she was 22 pounds! Way too heavy for a cat......she should weigh around 10 pounds at the most.

I knew her history---she was found at Disneyland, lost, and someone in my town who worked for the local cat shelter picked her up and brought her back to my town. She had to scrounge for food at that time in her life. That's why since then (it's my guess anyway) that she has to eat so much and clean her plate and her "brother's". Because she has those old memories of being hungry.

I think we're like that a lot too.....we react now and eat or drink or take drugs because of something that happened to us years ago. Something to think about.......


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