Sunday, March 1, 2009

What President Obama Should Stop Talking About

President Obama, stop talking about quitting smoking. Just quit.
When I quit smoking, I didn’t tell anyone for three months after I put out that last cigarette. This is something you must do for yourself. What I didn’t need was outside opinions.

If you talk about quitting, and you really don’t believe it deep down inside, you’re going to open yourself up to a lot of outside pressure – even if it’s good intentions that’s behind it.

Whether you’re a public figure or just an ordinary person like me, there’s a betting mentality that can take place, that of, ‘Will he win this battle or not?’ Quitting is personal, so don’t encourage a betting pool over your life choices if you don’t want that extra pressure. Sure, if you really trust someone, it’s always okay to share. But skip the billboards. Just focus on quitting.

I didn't tell anyone for three months that I hadn't had a cigarette in quite a while. I thought it important to keep this to myself. I didn’t want any feedback from anyone. Even getting support from someone isn't what I needed.
After several months of not smoking, I finally told others and myself that I didn’t smoke anymore. I had smoked for 28 years, starting with two packs a day before getting it down to two a day.

And then I stopped. I shut up about it, and just quit.


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