Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Okay To Cry

I remember wanting to get buzzed with alcohol when I was addicted to drinking. I looked forward to it. I planned it. I sometimes had to time it just right so that I could cop a buzz from my home with a drink before going out for a round of social drinking.

There were ruined relationships and fights with boyfriends. But at the time, I would rather keep my alcohol than a boyfriend. When I quit, it took me about six months to get a clear mind.

Then I learned to enjoy being sober. There is something wonderful about being able to have once been addicted to a drug, overcome it and say that it's truly a joy to be sober. I can better handle whatever comes my way in life now.

What happens when things go wrong? I cry. When my father died, I cried for days. I missed him tremendously. I didn’t drink. I didn’t want to. Instead, I cried.

Drinking had been a crutch, and not a good one. Now, when things become so overwhelming that I feel that I’ve got to do something, I have learned that crying can be a great release.


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