Sunday, April 13, 2008

The "other woman" in my friend's marriage

I talked to a good friend this morning. We made plans to meet at the gym so we could talk after our workouts. Her husband of over 25 years has had an alcohol problem for years and recently hit a parked car while drunk. Laura saw a letter from the DMV, opened it and it said Steve's license would be taken away for 3 months.

The lying starts again. Steve said it's not true, it's all taken care of. He hates that he can't control his alcohol and even installed a breathilizer gizmo where he has to blow into the "thing", pass the test or the car won't start. He tells her when he is straight that he's afraid the power of alcohol has over him. He says he can't live without it.

But I said to my this a life? How ironic---the thing he thinks he can't give up is NOT giving him joy, rather it's giving him pure HELL.....


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